The Nox Story


As a veteran of many late night, deadline driven work sessions, the founder of Nox Cookie Bar was often looking for snacks that could fuel the next few hours until project completion.  Unable to leave the office to get something, and dissatisfied with the vending machine’s selection, the obvious conclusion was that something tasty needed to be delivered.  Hence the idea for a late night tasty snack delivery service was born.  Still, the question remained…what snack?  It didn’t take long to select warm, delicious cookies paired with ice cold milk as the ultimate combo.  It was an idea that transcended age, gender, and ethnicity – who doesn’t like cookies and milk?  Getting the cookies  “just right” became a lengthy journey in experimentation and taste testing.  As a result, we’re confident that every cookie we offer reflects our extensive research, and we think you’ll agree that the product is exceptional.

The name of the company, Nox, comes from the latin word for night, which we chose to emphasize the late night component of the business.  The original concept has expanded to cover cookie-snackers at all times of the day.  Whether as a spontaneous snack, a friendly gift, or for a scheduled group event, you can count on Nox to provide day and night delivery of cookies that are truly night and day delicious!